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Brief History Of Bhajji Riyasat/Suni

Suni is a town and a Nagar Panchayat in Shimla District in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. The urban local body came into existance in the year 1984. Before 1984 the town had a gram panchayat. The town had drinking water facility almost 24 hours. The Nagar Panchayat has Seven wards and each ward is represented by elected.
Bhajji State was a princely State in India during period of the British Raj. Bhajji State founded at an uncertain date before the 19th century. The State was occupied by Nepal from 1803 to 1815. On 21st September 1815, it became a British Brotectorate.

Rulers- The rulers of Bhajji State belonged to the dynasty of Rajputs and ruled with the title ‘Rana’.

Founded-In the tenth century by a Younger brother of the Raja of Kutlehar.

Genealogy-1st Raja- Raja Amrit Pal, Last Raja-Rana Ram Chandra Pal Singh

Tourist Places

  Nagar Panchayat Sunni is surrounded by lush green mountains and is situated in the Satluj valley, making it one of the most beautiful town in HP. It is well connected to state capital Shimla by road and one can see the well known tourist places Naldehra and Mashobra which comes on the way. On the other side of Sutluj river town of Tattapni is situated, well known for hot spring spot famous among tourist. This town is also known for ancient Lord Hanuman temple on bank of Satluj river. Large mass of people gathered here during the celebrations of Makar Skranti every year. In addition to above a picturesque temple of Shri Durga Mata is situated on the hill of Shali Tibba around 45 Km. from Sunni town. This place is also favorite amongst both tourists and locals for its natural beauty and panoramic view. Heavy rush of people is observed here during Navratras every year.