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1 Enquiry On Working Day from 10AM to 5PM
2 Application for verification of residence/ Domicile On Working Day from 10AM to 5PM
3 Street Light Complaints On Working Day from 10AM to 5PM
4 Repair of Street Light Points Within Seven Days
5 New Street Light Points Within One Month after the approval of the house.
6 No Objection Certificate for Water Supply and Electrical Connection. Within three days after the Completion of the new Building.
7 Reservation of Rehan Basera. 10 Days before the function.
8 Marriage Registration
(a) Up to 30 days
(b) Up to 90 days
(c) After 90 days up to one year
(d) After one year with order of Executive Magistrate
(e) Issue of Marriage Certificate
Marriage Registration
(a) Up to 30 days
(b) Up to 90 days
(c) After 90 days up to one year
(d) After one year with order of Executive Magistrate

(e) Issue of Marriage Certificate
9 Repair of Hand pumps Within Seven Days after the receipt of Complaint.
10 Repair of road/Path ( In Emergency work) Within Seven Days.
11 Water Connection/ Billing Water Supply System maintained by the IPH Department
12 General Information Regarding House Tax
(a) Nagar Panchayat Suni is charging house tax@ 7.5% sssof annual ratable value of all the buildings in the Municipal Area.
(b) Annual ratable value is determined and finalized after service of proposed assessment notice to the individual owners / occupiers.
(c) Every objection against assessment or amendment of assessment is heard after affording reasonable opportunities of being heard.
13 Billing House Tax
(a) Issue of Bill
(b) Deposit of Bill
(c) Mode of Payment

Within 15 Days.
In cash and by Cheque.

Sanitation & Solid Waste Management

(a) Complaint Regarding Sanitation /Cleaning of Roads and Public places
(b) Collection and Removal of
(c) Collection and Removal of
Garbage on receipt of Non

(d) Removal of Complaints

Complaints entertained regularly on Working Daily


Being lifted Regularly

Receiving intimation regarding Complain Action taken within 12 Hours.
15 Complaints
(a) Lodging of complaint
(b) Attending / disposal of complaint

Telephone no. 0177 2786552 Within 24 Hours.

16 Sewerage Connection/ ComplaintsM N.A.
17 Death & Birth Registration
(a) Registration from 1to 21 days after birth / death.
(b) Registration from 21 to 30
(c) Registration from 1 month to one year Birth/ Death
(d) After One Year
(e) Issue of Birth/Death Certificate
10 AM to 5 PM on any working days

Late fee Rs. 5/- on any working day After Order by CMO Shimla.

With Order of Executive Magistrate. Within Three Days
18 Building Plans
(a) Availability of application form
(b) Submission of Building Plans
(c) Deposit of Fee/ Other Charges.
(d) Communication Deficiencies
(e) Final Disposal of building plans if complete in all respect.

On working day between 10 AM to 5PM On the receipt of building application fee is being charged Rs 10 Per Sqm. for residential building and Commercial Building
Within 30 Days
Within 30 Days
Within two months.
19 Food and non Food Licenses. Issued by Health & Family Welfare Department.
20 Public Authority under the Right to Information Act 2005.
(a) Public Information Officer.
(b) Assistant Public Information Officer.
(c) Appellant Authority.

Secretary Nagar Panchayat Suni.
Junior Engineer NP Suni.
Sub Divisional Officer (C).